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Hi! I wanted to create a skin care line, starting with a body oil that was all natural, hydrating & non greasy. Not only that, but full of goodness. So it’s healthy, as well. I spent weeks testing different high quality oil combinations, to come up with an oil blend that I was completely happy with. One I would use myself to handle all aspects of my skin as it changes depending on weather, humidity, environment etc. I accomplished that.

Also, I wanted a light, natural scent, that was not overpowering, but felt calming and soothing, so I discovered an amazing lavender essential oil. With an added bonus of putting organic lavender flowers into each bottle of oil. The oils chosen were coconut, sweet almond, jojoba & argan. A wonderful combination that all have their own properties from anti-aging & healing, to hydrating & soothing the skin. And not just skin - the oil can be used on the scalp, hair, nails, feet, beard. And as a great facial moisturizer 

You’re putting an oil all over your body, face, hair, scalp so you need to ensure its of the highest quality ingredients, with asbolutely no nasty chemicals. The oil is absorbing directly into your skin, going into your bloodstream so make it an oil that is not only absorbing & moisturizing but full of nature’s goodness as well - one that’s healthy for you at the same time! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! I’m so proud to be able to offer it to you as a wonderful addition to your skin care routine.



· An effective lightweight moisturizer for face, skin & hair

· Quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and enriched

· Contains an abundance of antioxidants making it ideal for fighting signs of anti aging, and hydrating dry, heat damaged hair. 


· Almond oil is one of the best oils for hair & skin comparable to many powerful skin care products, without the side effects

· Rich in vitamins A For maintaining healthy cells

· Rich in Vitamin E antioxidants that helps reduce wrinkles & dark circles

· Rich in Vitamins B1 & B6 containing lots of nutrients and beneficial properties which make it a powerful ingredient



Jojoba oil conditions hair, minimizes scars, helps clear acne, and is great for nails. It moisturizes the skin when our body stops doing it naturally, keeping oil levels balanced, making it a strong natural remedy for acne, and dry skin conditions. It works by forming an oily layer on top of the skin that traps water in the skin. It works on face, neck, hands, feet and hair.


· A great natural skin moisturizer 

· Reduces depth and severity of wrinkles

· Restores elasticity & fade age spots 

· Increases the regenerative rate of healthy skin cells.

· Can help prevent stretch marks, and even out skin tone

· Softens & protects the skin

· High in Vitamin E argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. 


Has soothing, relieving & relaxing with calming properties, antibacterial & has and the ability to cleanse and remove toxins.


Actual organic lavender flower buds.

What are Customers Saying?


💜 This stuff is amazing! Since I've started using it my skin has become so soft, especially as it gets dry from the winter. The oil itself is perfect.

🌿 This is perfection! If you love Lavender this is a beautiful natural lavender oil. Feels light and yet softens my skin with its rich ingredients. Love it!

💜 I used this and love it!! The lavender scent is great and the oil soaks right into my skin not leaving it an oily mess or like I have a weird residue left over. Plus my skin looks great! And I love the addition of the lavender flowers!

🌱 I love the smell. A little goes a long way, I have been using it on my nails and face. 

💜 Smells and feels great. 

🌿 I love it, it makes my skin so soft and healthy.

💜 Great product! Natural fresh clean smelling oil. Very light on the skin and instantly absorbed. Seems great for my dry skin. Fantastic!

🌱 I'm happy as far as product quality, so far...I may even prefer it to argan oil. I primarily bought this for my hair, and was happy to see it didn't leave a residue (I have VERY thick and course hair, so this can be an issue). Only tested it once on my skin, so not sure about how much difference I see in that respect, but it did absorb pretty quickly without leaving an oily sheen. I'm not big on lavender scents, however, this one was not overpowering once it's on.

💜 Going to order another bottle this stuff is great I see a difference already!!!

🌿 I love this product. Leaves my skin very soft and absorbed quickly.

Love this stuff! Such a great lavender scent. I ordered some for my grandma too because I know she will love it too! It's such good stuff!

🌱 This is a nice oil that I keep by my bed. I put it on my feet, my face, any body part that could use a little TLC before I go to bed. It smells like a nice lavender scent, not too overpowering but very pleasant. Lavender is often used in aromatherapy to relax the body and mind, which is why I use it prior to bedtime. It's a relaxing scent and the oil makes my skin feel really calm and soft. All of the types of oil in this are known to be really good for your skin. The pump spray works nicely. The flowers in the jar add a touch of natural beauty/luxury to the item. I will purchase again when this runs out.

💜 I love this stuff. The smell isn’t overwhelming. It's soft. You won't be disappointed!

🌿 I love the smell. A little goes a long way, I have been using it on my nails and face.

💜 Really nice oil! It absorbs so well and the smell is not overpowering. I love it!!

🌱 I have dry skin and am a woman in my 60's. I have used various oils for years -- some are too oily, not absorbent enough or leave an oily residue or my skin feels like it can't breathe. This lavender oil s light, absorbs much better and faster than anything else I've used. It has a perfect level of natural lavender scent and has handled my dry skin. It actually feels good on my skin. My freckled forearms were extremely dry from sun while gardening and felt rough; a perfect test area. I used this oil a few times, every other day or so (I'm not diligent about skin care) and each time noticed a dramatic improvement within a few hours. Having not used the oil now for a few days, I noticed my forearms have continued to feel smooth and soft. So it is a very good product and I will continue to use it and use it full body. I like it way better than pure organic coconut oil.

🌿 Great body oil, very nice lavender scent without leaving my skin sticky.

💜 This is the first lavender oil I’ve ever left a review for because it’s the first one I’ve bought that I thought was worth it. I’ll be buying this product from now on!

🌱 Amazing product!! Really gave my skin a glow and kept it moisturized all day. With winter coming that made such a huge difference. Love it!!!

💜 I’m going to start by saying that I am VERY picky about lavender oil. It is either a wonderful smell or super pungent and I can’t stand it. This lavender oil is possibly the most wonderful one I have found to date. The smell is very gentle and pleasing; very real and very fresh and not at all perfumy and overwhelming like many lavender oils. This could very well be the first lavender oil that I would say I “love” the smell. I’ve been using this on my face at night. It really seems to do a nice job moisturizing my skin, but doesn’t at all leave an oily film. My skin soaks it right up and seems to really like it. I have to be very careful what I use on my face because I can tend to break out and I have had absolutely no problem with this product.

🌿 I’ve been using it on my legs after I shave; on my elbows when they get dry… really…. I’ve just been using it everywhere and my skin seems to just love it!

💜 Just what I was looking for. Keeps my skin soft throughout the day no matter where applied. Not to oily absorbed by the skin very well. I love the smell and the real fresh flowers in the bottle. Very unique!

🌿 I have been looking for an all natural oil that I can use every day in replace of my current oil. I really like this one because it didn't sit on the surface (like most do), I felt like it quickly absorbed into my skin & was very hydrating/moisturizing. I used it right after a shower and my legs & arms felt SO silky smooth! I would definitely recommend.

💜 I love this product , leave my skin very soft and absorbed quickly.

🌱 I have been using coconut oil until now on my body. This spray on is really nice and neat. I love the light natural lavender scent. This may just be my new go to body moisturizer! Love it.

💜 Smells good, organic and I love the spray bottle. Not oily so it's perfect.

🌿 I love this body oil! I was using coconut oil after I showered. Since switching to this body oil my skin feels so soft and smells great! I love that it leaves a nice relaxing lavender fragrance to my skin. I would highly recommend.

💜 Great oil! Love this for everything!

🌱 I used this and love it!! The lavender scent is great and the oil soaks right into my skin not leaving it an oily mess or like I have a weird residue left over. Plus my skin looks great! And I love the addition of the lavender flowers!

💜 The fragrance is very nice, light with a true lavender scent, not at all overpowering. At first I thought the oil a little on the heavy side but I found it is perfect right after a shower applied when skin is still damp - then it absorbs nicely and I found my skin stayed hydrated all day (even my elbows!). I would definitely recommend this product.

🌿 Pure! So nice to have pure product. It's a lovely scent. Creates a smooth silky feel. Love it!

💜 A friend let me try this a couple of days ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. I just purchased my own bottle now. I love the lavender scent but so many times it is a fake chemical type of scent. This is so wonderfully pure, natural and fragrant but with nothing BUT the delicate lavender scent that is found in nature. I hope this company makes more types of this oil with a variety of scents. It is 100% natural and no harmful anything is in this oil. It is a relief knowing that this is the real deal. Great product. Perfect for gifts because what women would not use this...seriously right? I am.